Anastasia - Woman of Eureka

" an exhibition by painter, sculptor and printmaker Fiona Crawford about another talented female artist of sorts, Anastasia Withers.  One of the first women on Ballarat's goldfields, Withers took part in the Eureka Stockade.  While she never put paintbrush to paper, she is credited with co-sewing the Southern Cross flag, a symbol synonymous with rebellion, freedom and bad tattoos"  The Age 21 December 2013

Anastasia was my great great grandmother and the first women of my family to set foot in Australia in 1847.  A dressmaker and working in Bristol's weaving rooms she was transported to Australia at nineteen for stealing five shawls.  A convict, mother, wife, publican, rebel, land owner and business entrepreneur she made a life for herself and her family.  She has been an inspiration for a number of my exhibitions.

We would know nothing about her if she hadn't been a little bit naughty.