Arte Studio Ginestrelle

Mount Subasio, Assisi, Italy

My residency in May at Ginestrelle, gave me precious time.  Time to explore and time to reflect. I decided to focus on what was local, or unique to the region.

I have spent my time researching local Renaissance frescoes created in 1556 as well as the centuries old embroidery style Punto Assisi that predates the renaissance and is shown in Giotto's fresco Death of the Knight of Celano.

I found Punto Assisi, in the local markets and stores. The patterns, highly stylized, are derived from medieval San Rufino Cathedral in Assisi. Rather uniquely, the subject matter is void, empty of detail.  There is lots of interesting thinking here about description through absence, women's work and how ubiquitous and anonymous it is.

Having sourced local suppliers of linen and thread traditionally used, I started sewing combining traditional concepts with contemporary subject matter. The image I have used is from a photograph of a young woman of Assisi sewing in this traditional style. Her name is not mentioned.

This work will take time, the stitches, Holbein in the black, and cross-stitch for the colour, cover three threads of linen each. Maybe I will develop this concept into intaglio prints. Maybe I will just take months to complete this work. I have found that Punto Assisi takes good light time, clean hands, persistence and quiet. For patience it returns serenity. 

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